Create Animated Avatars with X-ray effects


As you may have seen this popular xray effect in photos on many online forums etc. It simply crops your face and animates them into x-ray kind of effect (the skeleton skull head). It is very popular especially in mobile applications. Have you ever tried to make your photo into a skeleton skull avatar ? With this tiny image app, you can convert your photos into number of animated avatars such as x-ray avatar, scary effect, sparkling eyes effect, emotion avatars and many more. Although you can find lots of ready made avatars on the Internet, it is much more interesting to make your own avatar from your photo.

So, today here is one of the app that lets you to turn your photo into x-ray avatar. Simply browse your photo (where you face is clearly visible) and upload them to the app. If you want, you can crop the image to fit perfectly. Then move to next and that’s it. Your x-ray avatar is ready!.

It also gives you the option to change the number of frames (animated gif), animation speed, and text on the image if you need. Once you’re done with it, you can share on social sites such as facebook, twitter or save to your hard disk and use it on online forums and blogs. You can also send them as e-card to your friends.

X-ray Avatar Generator

You can create android avatar , Online Avatar Creator , South Park Style Avatar , Talking Avatar and more !

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