Blogging and Its Universal Platitudes


Today everybody wants to blog and all have varied reasons to support the practice. It is either money, fame or simply a platform to talk their heart out. There are countless people available online, writing everything and anything that comes to their mind. What they fail to understand is that eminence of their content is exceedingly imperative.

People do not understand the significance of words. It is a complete squander of time and energy if one is not able to get his content right. A person requires talent to shape his content in a manner that the readers feels completely enlightened. There are certain universal Platitudes we never pay attention to, like being repetitive with our content and words.

Bloggers keep rephrasing the same thing again and again. When a blogger is repetitive, he simply loses interest of the readers. People simply get jaded of reading your repetitive content. Try to be as innovative as possible with your words. Even if you are writing in context to your previous blog, make sure it is presented magnificently. Remember, even if your wine is old it can always be sold in a beautiful new bottle. One is only required to encompass the right presentation technique.

Being a writer myself, I am absolutely sentient about the writer’s block. When the brain simply stops working on your command, what you need to comprehend is that fighting a writer’s block is impracticable. Do not even try to push yourself, as it will only add to aggravation. The best solution would be deflecting your brain. A peaceful walk or a relaxed conversation with a friend can be a nice option. On a more personal note, a cup of coffee with soothing music helps like a miracle.

Another problem that I have noticed with bloggers is that they state their point with the help of a list. Now there is nothing wrong with stating a list but you should use it only in crisis. The concept of a list is like salt, you can always add a little if it is less but a little extra will always spoil the dish. You can use a list to provide your readers with some light reading. The best time to do this is after a couple of exhaustively written articles.

For a lot of bloggers, it is all about a big amount on their paycheck. I will not say it is impossible but I will also not say that it is possible. There are many options available online claiming to provide you with the methods to make money with your blog. To be honest, most of the suggestions and options are not feasible for a newbie blogger according to me. Affiliate marketing can be a good option that can help you earn money but finding a right product to promote on your blog is the bigger question.

At the end, it all boils down to your art of writing. If one can attain a different style of writing, success will positively be his. Do not follow the crowd when it comes to your style of writing and topics. Remember, the more you are different, the further are the chances of being noticed.

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