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If you’re using Microsoft Outlook as your primary email accessing service, then read on! Data protection in Outlook is must because at any point of time, you may fall under any risk and lose all your data emails, contacts, notes, tasks and schedules on outlook. That would be a worst nightmare, isn’t it ? So if you’re looking out for a fast, individually and reliable outlook backup software, then Lookeen backup manager is what all you need!

Lookeen Backup Manager is the backup solution for Microsoft Outlook. It can backup your emails and settings from Microsoft Outlook regularly. No worries, Lookeen Backup Manager works with Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 together with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. I can see a smile on your face ;-)

This safe and reliable tool helps you to protect against accidental data loss. It archives your emails, contacts, tasks, notes, rules, email accounts, signatures and browser favourites (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome) as well as your Business Contact Manager data banks.

Below are the few list of things that can be backed up and recreated. Actually, Lookeen Backup Manager offers huge number of stuff that can be backedup and recreated in your Outlook, would love to list few important things such as Email accounts, Personal address books, Program settings, Business Contact Manager, RSS-Feeds, Task options, Journal options, Office templates and many more. You can check out the list of things here that can be backedup and recreated using Lookeen Backup Manager.

It’s simple, just install Lookeen backup manager and starting creating backup. Once you’ve installed, hit the backup button, select your profile, choose the backup folder to save outlook settings and data. If you want, you can also protect the backup with a password lock.

Once you’ve done, select the outlook elements which you want to backup such as email accounts, RSS feeds, signatures etc. That’s it. You’re done with the backup of all your outlook data and settings. This is called manual backup, you can also schedule for automatic backup with Lookeen Backup Manager.

Similar way, you can easily restore that backedup data to your Outlook. Select the restore option, Choose the data file, and restore back to yor Outlook.

Download Free Lookeen Outlook Backup Manager

The free version is limited to certain features. If you want unlock all the premium features, just check out the Lookeen Backup Manager Pro version.

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    thanks for publishing Lookeen Backup Manager here. I like that tool because it’s easy to use with a high value of benefit.
    Thanks again!

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