Add Tweets in Email Signature with WiseStamp


WiseStamp is an excellent application for creating digital email signature with social icons and more. WiseStamp can be used in Firefox, Google chrome, safari, flock and thunderbird. With this extension, you can automatically include your tweets in the signature of all your emails. Not only tweets, your latest blog posts, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube profile and many more customizations.

With WiseStamp addon for Firefox, Chrome and other browsers, you can customize your Email signature with special design style, Font, Size, Color, images etc. Also you can add Email Apps with updating dynamic content like automatically share your latest blog posts, Tweet , Facebook status or Ebay item. You can check out the list of apps here that WiseStamp supports in your email signature.

It also includes all your social services & profiles such as Facebook, Twitter,, IM Services, LinkedIn, and many more. You can create and use multiple signatures such as for your business & personal signatures to insert in your emails. It works with major email services where you can have Gmail Email Signature, Yahoo Email Signature, AOL Email Signature, Hotmail Email Signature.

It is very easy to setup/configure WiseStamp as your Email signature. If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, Go to and download the extension and install in your browser. Once you’ve installed, For example : If you have installed the WiseStamp in Chrome then, click the wisestamp icon in your chrome browser. A small pop-up window opens that lets you to configure your details to add in the email signature.

1. Add your personal details such as Name, company name, website url, telephone number etc.

2. Now add your email apps such as Twitter, RSS, stumbleupon, Delicious profiles etc. Here you can add Twitter to show the latest tweets as your email signature. Simply click the Add button, enter your twitter username and that’s it.

3. Now add your social profiles by going to the Social Icons tab next to the Email apps. Here you can enter your social networking profile URL. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter etc. So that once you’ve entered and saved, it displays a small icon in the email signature where people can connect with you on social sites.

4. Now you can preview your email signature and save the settings.

5. Now go to Gmail/Yahoo or which ever email service you’re using. You can see a Wisestamp icon on the email compose window and also your digital email signature automatically appearing on the compose email box.

6. That’s it! You’re done. You can use Wisestamp with multiple email signatures such as for personal ones, business emails etc. You can just select the one from the email interface where wisestamp icon is present and then go with the personal or business email signature.

Download WiseStamp for Chrome/Firefox

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  1. Kenny JK says:

    For signature i use Brandmymail ( ), which has full control over email signature and overall template :)

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