5 Tips on Launching On Your Blog


It is true that there are many people that are currently successful with their blog but this does not mean that it is easy to launch a blog. There are some indeed some things that you will need to be familiar with if you want your blog to reach its full potential. In this article we will be having a look at 5 things that you will need to consider when launching your blog.

Minimum number of articles

There is nothing worse than launching a blog with 1 or 2 articles only. Make sure that you have some interesting articles on your blog in order to provide a glimpse of your skills to all your new readers. As a rule of thumb you might be interested in having at least 5 articles before launching your blog but if you can write more, do so.

Comments off

It might also be useful that you turn off your blog comments in the early stage of your blog launch. Indeed having a blog showing 0 comments on each and every post can be a big turn off for most readers and disabling the commenting system can be rather useful. Alternatively you might want to encourage commenting on your blog through various means. An interesting way to do this is to make use of plugins such as CommentLuv which will encourage people to comment on your blog.


If you have some other established sites or blogs you might want to make use of these sites in order to launch your site. Indeed if you are already renowned in your niche it might be easier for you to attract people from your other blogs. Just make a quick post announcing the launch of your blog and watch the visitors flocking to your site.

Guest posting

Guest posting is another great way for you to launch your blog quickly and easily. Indeed by posting on established sites you might be able to witness a surge of traffic to your site and also build your reputation on the internet. Just make sure that the blog that you choose have authority and have a good readership base to make the most benefit. Additionally guest posting can also be useful when it comes to building links to your blog and helping you achieve some good SERP rankings in the long run.

Be consistent

Make sure that you remain consistent with your posting even after the blog launch. There is nothing discouraging than to come back to a blog just to find the same old articles. The key here is to make sure that you post new content regularly in order to keep your readers coming back to your site. This will maximize the benefits from the promotion of your blog.

With the amount of blogs that exist nowadays it might be quite difficult for people to launch a new blog successfully. But there are some simple tips that exist and that might be useful when it comes to boosting your chance of success.

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  1. Nice article, good solid advice. You mentioned turning comments off…another approach John Chow recommended in one of his ebooks is to start the comments off by leaving one yourself. Readers are more likely to leave a comment if they’re not the first one goes the logic.

    One piece of advice is don’t play around with your blog for hours on end and try to make it “perfect.” Chris Garrett calls it Analysis Paralysis. If you have the recommended amount of content ready, I say launch. Take action. Rich, rewarding content beats widgets and badges any day.

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