3 Common Things Between Elections and Blogging


Today is the election results of South India Tamilnadu assembly. So suddenly striked off my mind with elections and blogging. Started comparing the blogging with elections. I could easily come up with these 3 common points between elections in India and blogging. Check out the 3 common things between them.

Election candidates compete with each other to get votes.
Bloggers compete with other fellow bloggers to get hits and pagerank

Election candidate may give free gifts and stuffs before elections to get votes. [this is how it is practised here in India, Ashamed.]
Bloggers giveaway free tools, softwares, gadgets to make their readers happy, increase the reputation and traffic to their website.

Majorities and Minorities – The group with high winning abilities on most of the areas will be gaining majority seats.
On blogging, you finish up the major task like killer post and pillar articles which gains major attention among readers, these are called majorities and the opposite ones are minorities.

Just some random thoughts, funny isn’t it ?

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  1. Indian says:

    “Election candidate may give free gifts and stuffs before elections to get votes.”

    Heck X-(
    Its suggesting as if it is legal to give. Change the text, learn English!

  2. R4 says:

    Very interested article.

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