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On the past we had told you about many facebook apps for Photo editing, Facebook app for virus removal, PDF conversion and many more. Now here is an excellent Facebook app built specially if you’re a YouTube addict. I watch alot of videos on YouTube, I subscribe to the major tech YouTube channels and watch alot of video podcasts and video songs. So if you’re a Facebook addict, now you can watch, favorite and sync your YouTube account with your Facebook.

YouTube Video box is a Facebook app specially developed for YouTube fans who use Facebook alot. So being inside Facebook, you can browse YouTube videos, watch them, favorite them, rate and many more. The YouTube search engine is embeded inside the Facebook app and more importantly, it lets you to share your favorite videos with your contacts.

If you have a YouTube account, and you put videos online, you can import them or Sync your YouTube videos with YouTube video box Facebook app. Suppose, if you favorite a video from Facebook, it gets sync with your YouTube video favorites.

This is what the developer team has to say ” YouTube Video Box is the best way to share your favourite YouTube videos on Facebook. Quickly find videos with our integrated search, show off your favourite videos on your profile, import your favourite videos from an existing account and much more! We make it easy to share the videos you love with your friends.

Check out all your friends favourite YouTube videos with a single click! Seeing what videos your friends love has never been so easy! ”

Download YouTube Video Box Facebook App

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