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You can create your own WordPress theme easily with online wordpress theme generator. WordPress is the one of the best content management system because of its easy user interface and customization support. You can create plugins, themes and mould it to which ever shape you want. Little bit of PHP lang and theme framework lets you to develop your own wordpress theme.

There are already number of wordpress themes available on the web for which ever category you searching for. So, what makes so special to create a unique wordpress theme ? If you’re going to work on a client project or ready to spend some time and contribute some themes to the official wordpress theme directory then, you can start developing your own wordpress theme.

Here is the official wordpress theme development guide which throws knowledge on why to develop a wordpress theme, the wordpress theme development standards, anatomy of a theme, stylesheet guidelines and many more.

So what if you’re not a geeky person who finds hard to learn this and code a own theme ? No problem, for people like you here is a quick app that lets you to create your own wordpress theme. It is kind of WordPress theme generator. Creating your website theme has never been easier! Drag, drop, a few clicks and you can have the WordPress theme you wanted!

Lubith is a wordpress theme generator that has a Intuitive interface, no code required and saves time and money. You do not waste time and money on programming stuff anymore, Lubith does this job for you. I bet, you can create your own wordpress theme in 7 minutes.

Once you click start Lubith, it displays a WYSIWYG editor stuff with a default twenty ten wordpress theme to alter the design changes. You can resize the box, change the colors, upload images, text, fonts, align them and many more customizations. Check out the below video to find out more.

Once you’ve done with creating or altering the theme, you can test it out, revert back to change and then finally you can download the theme.

Lubith – WordPress Theme Generator

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