Watch YouTube Videos in Full Window Screen While Reading comments, Related Videos


There is a default option in YouTube that lets you to watch youtube videos in full screen. If you’ve dual monitor setup, I strongly recommend this extension named Windows expander for Youtube, that expands the YouTube videos for both the monitors, the default full screen option on dual monitor setup sucks. Now once again, the YouTube extension for chrome that allows full screen videos with some extra options.

The Smart Video Enlarger YouTube extension for chrome allows you to watch YouTube videos in full window screen along with comments and related videos. Normally, if you select the full screen mode option in YouTube videos, it enlarges the video and doesn’t allow you to look up any other related things on the page.

Smart Video Enlarger automatically upscales the video area to full window screen. The Intelligent Scrolling allows you to continue watching the video while reading the comments and related videos. It’s entirely configurable.

Actually once you’ve installed this extension, you can go and completely configure in the options just by clicking the address bar icon of Smart video enlarger. It works this way, the smart scrolling option, allows you to scroll down the comments and related video just by decreasing the size of the video, so that the video still remains in the top and comments are scrolled down.

Simple, Go and experience it. Download Smart Video Enlarger YT Extension

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  1. AshleyPearson.Net says:

    Thanks, this will make my YouTubing a lot more fun! :)

  2. smith says:

    that’s cool

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