Turn your face into fruit with Frutalizer


We had seen many fun web applications to play with our photos. On the past, we had told you about adding Mustache to Photos, creating cartoon faces and playing fun with your faces etc. Adding to the list of fun photo apps, here is a web app from Netherland that lets you to turn any face into a fruit or vegetable.

Frutalizer is a fun photo app that allows you to upload your photo and turn them into fruit faced. It can simply turn your face into a fruit. Couldn’t get what am describing about ? check out the below picture to understand more.

All you need to do is, just hit the browser to Frutalizer. Now you can select which fruit or vegetable you want your face to be in and it gives you two options to upload the photo. You can take a picture directly using your web cam or you can upload a photo from your folder. Just upload, adjust the size of the image to fit inside the fruit.

Now that’s it, once you’re done, you can save the image into your desktop. You can use it as forum avatar or profile pictures for your social networking profiles.

Fruit Face Frutalizer

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  1. lol..mostly it has always been a cartoonify or zombify thing – this is something new and “fresh” :D

  2. Maira says:

    I went to do the fruitalizer page and i cant seem to find how to save it???…I dont understand Netherland language and i want to know where do i go or how do i save my photo? Thanks!

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