Top iPhone apps For Summer


The iPhone’s long list of apps is only getting longer with more and more developers getting in on the action. With a new generation of apps being developed, there are those few iPhone apps that are getting a lot of attention for being innovative, different or just downright cool. This next season’s iPhone apps are cool when it’s hot: summer. These iPhone apps help you get the most out of your summer experience. At Bat 2011

This coming summer, baseball fanatics now have another reason to thank the iPhone. at Bat 2011 is a comprehensive provider of info for that aspiring statistician (read: Fantasay Baseball) and a must have for anyone who’s known the great American sport. The app includes live pitch counts, individual at-bat breakdowns and game stats of your favorite teams. The app also gives a special look into the game broadcasts with “home and away audio”, which lets the app user listen to the local broadcasts of the home or visiting team. Especially helpful when you’ve got a favorite commentator back home or you just don’t like listening to the commentators of the opposing team. This app lets you stay on top of what’s happening in the league by not only displaying stats and playing radio broadcasts, but it also displays select games on your iPhone live. At $9.99, this app is a second base steal.


Created by Amazon, this free app lets iPhone and iPod Touch users convert their respective gadgets into Kindles, minus the non-glare book simulating effect of an actual Kindle. This app allows the app users to download and read digital books and other content straight to their device from Amazon. The e-reader craze can now benefit iPhone users without having to buy a separate and often pricey reader. With this app, users essentially have a bookstore at their fingertips. With just a couple clicks, app users can buy the book and sync it to the Kindle app to enjoy reading pleasure straight from their iPhone.


Social networking is creating a worldwide phenomenon and this app lets you do that while on the move. Tweetie lets you access your Twitter account and offers much of the basic Twitter features with some extras such as Twitpicc and yFrog. What sets Tweetie apart from other Twitter apps on iPhone, though, is its clean and intuitive user platform. At $2.99, this is a bargain.

Fandango for iPhone

If you have no plans on a summer night, the Fandango app for iPhone lets you access Fandango straight from your device, offering you movie information at the touch of your fingertips. Need we say more? Oh yeah, this is a free app.

Parachute Panic

At just under a dollar, this fun game app is a great time waster, the perfect theme for summer. The objective of the game is to make sure that parachuting stick figures land safely on passing ships instead of the water, where if they do, will become shark food. The concept of the game is simple but the addicting factor of this game is high. If you have some time to waste, try this out.

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