Online Music Player to Listen Songs with Playlist Support


One of the recent research on online music study says that ” 1 in 4 consumers who uses a free online media player listens to over 16 hours of music per week “. What makes so special with these online music players ? The first, you don’t need to download anything to your computer, so no worries about malware and viruses. Next thing, everythng is stored on the cloud, so juts search, hit the play button and enjoy the music. Third, fast and easy search of any song from any album makes it completely a hit platform.

We already know few online music play sites and internet radio FM which play music online with lot of options such as creating and saving playlist, downloading option if you’re a member in the online music site and so on. Some of the best online music stations are Grooveshark, Last.FM etc. Here is one more to the list of online music stations.

Grooveshark extension for Chrome

Redolf is an online music player that lets you to listen songs with playlist support. All you need to do is, just enter the name of the song you want to listen and hit enter. It will list out all the songs which includes, audio songs and video songs. It also embeds a playlist bar that lets you to add the songs to the playlist track which supports video too.

Redolf – Online Music Player

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