How to record voice status on Facebook ?


We have reviewed many voice recording application such as Vocaroo that allows free online voice recording service where you can record your own voice. Also voice tweet application that reduces the work of typing. Just shout out and tweet with your own voice. Now the voice recording facebook app that can record you voice and share it with your friends.

MyMic Facebook app allows you record your voice and share it with your friends. Instead of typing your facebook status update, just update it with your own voice. All you need to do is, just go to MyMic app and grand permissions like any other facebook app.

Now you need to allow your mic to record your voice. If you’re facing trouble, then make sure you update your Flash Player to the latest version. Get the flash player latest version here.

You can record upto 20 seconds (free) and 60 seconds(paid). Click on the “rec” button to start recording. You can click on the “rec” button to pause or stop the recording. Also the “back” button to restart the recording. Once you’ve done with it, you can click on the “play” button to start playing the sound.

You can easily share your voice recording with your friends and post them on their wall or share it on your own wall.

MyMic App : Record your voice in Facebook

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    i think this so cool app

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