How to get online storage for free


If you’re not using the cloud to store you data on the cloud, then you are doing yourself a disservice. There are numerous benefits of using online backup services or online storage [the terms are interchangeable], to store your data.

  • Allows your data to be accessible from anywhere using web
  • Can configure your PC to automatically synchronise files on your computers
  • Gives you peace of mind when using laptops out in public places, knowing that your data is safe, whatever happens.

In this article I will give you tips on how to get online backup plans for absolutely free.

SugarSync 5GB free :

SugarSync is a favourite of mine, and currently offers 5GB accounts for completely free. What I like particularly about SugarSync is the fact that it allows you to synchronise data between unlimited PCs that you own, giving you full freedom to work on and access documents from any location. Even if you don’t have a laptop with you, you can still access and manage your files from a Blackberry or iPhone device. It’s possible for users to get 10GB for free in total, by referring your friends; each free referral gives you and your friend 500mb more storage space.

Mozy 2GB free :

Mozy is another great storage service, and receives a lot of press attention. Unlike SugarSync which is more of a storage service, Mozy is a bonfied backup service, and does not allow automatic synchronisation of files.  Rather backups can be scheduled or performed on demand. The strengths of Mozy of SugarSync is that Mozy is a lot simpler to use, and uses less computer resources. Additionally it seems to throttle bandwidth in a much smarter way than SugarSync, which lets you still use the web uninterrupted.

Google Docs :

While Mozy and SugarSync are great backup and storage solutions, I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t recommended Google Docs to you. Google docs doesn’t just allow you to edit documents online, but also allows you to collaborate with other Google account holders, allowing you to collaborate on group projects seamlessly. Multiple users can make edits to a word document; live, on a single file without any versioning issues, you can even see text being written by the other user as it happens. All changes made to files are also tracked, so if there is an edit you didn’t like you can always reverse back in time to restore it. The highly changes options allows you to see all the changes another user has made as well.

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OpenDrive 5GB free :

OpenDrive is a very similar service to SugarSync and also offers 5GB of storage space for free, long before the other online backup providers. If I had to pick one, I would give SugarSync the edge, because it tends to work faster for me. However OpenDrive is a close second and offers an extensive synchronisation facility. I’ve managed to get OpenDrive and SugarSync to work in tandem, so you can realistically get 10GB for free from the get go; just don’t use SugarSync and OpenDrive on the same local folders. However later on, in order to save on computer resources, I settled for a paid plain on SugarSync which gave me 30GB online storage space.

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