How to Get a Job as a Ghost Blogger


Ghost blogging is writing a blog on behalf of someone else; your name is not in the byline. Corporations often use ghost bloggers to build or maintain an Internet presence. Marketing managers realize that a well written, popular blog creates a positive impact for the company.

Corporations seek ghost bloggers when the blog begins to dry up due to a lack of interest by corporate employees. Some companies hire ghost bloggers to allow management and staff members to focus more on their jobs.

Companies seek talented professional ghost bloggers who know how to maximize the quality and visibility of a blog through linking strategies and SEO content. They seek bloggers who have the talent to keep the corporate blog interesting and up-to-date.

Preparing to be a Ghost Blogger

To get started, you’ll need to have your own blog or blogs. This allows you to demonstrate your blogging skills to prospective clients. Through your blog, show expertise in your niches. Provide nuggets of information not available in other blogs. You’ll also need SEO skills.

Learn how to market your blog via social networking, social bookmarking, writing text for and related websites as well as through participating in pertinent forums. Hiring managers expect you to have these skills.

Guest blogging at other blogs gives you the opportunity to write for a variety of audiences – which you do when ghost blogging. Guest blog posts also enhance a ghost blogger’s portfolio.

How to Find Ghost Blogging Jobs ?

You can find ghost blogging jobs at freelance writing websites such as the Freelance Writing Jobs Network, Problogger, and BloggingPro.

When searching for opportunities, here are some some things to look for:

• Commercial websites that don’t have blogs
• Sloppily written blogs
• Commercial blogs with little activity
• Blogs lacking good information

Here are some tips to help you obtain ghost blogging jobs:

• The competition can be tough, so show management you can bring value to their blog via great content and promotion strategies.
• Perform research about the company. Impress management with your knowledge of their industry.
• If the company blog isn’t optimized for SEO, explain how your SEO skills can increase traffic to their website. Many companies haven’t considered the search engine impact their blog can have.
• If they show interest, demonstrate how your knowledge of social media will increase traffic to their website.
• Explain why your service will save them time and money. A company executive has more important tasks to do than writing the corporate blog.
• Search for start-up companies that don’t have a blog.
• Write a couple free sample blog posts for the company and paste them in the letter of enquiry. It’s an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Make your samples shine.


The pay depends on factors such as the length of the blog post, the amount of research required, whether or not this work is bundled with other writing services, the status of the corporation, the importance of the blog to the corporation, and the blogger’s experience.

You may only get $10 for short posts, but if it only takes a half-an hour to complete, that works out to $20 per hour. One notable blog service charges, at a minimum, $75 per blog post.

Depending on the corporation, the number of blog posts per month and the amount of traffic the blog brings to the website, you could make from $500 to $4,000 per month.

Don’t wait for companies to come to you. Send intriguing, well written letters of enquiry via email.

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