How to find the color code with Just Color Picker


For designers, who play with colours that if they see a color on a web page or product, they would like to use in their own projects. Identifying the type of colour can be very difficult, but with Just Color Picker, you can get the exact colour value of any pixel. There are many color tools that gives some basic color codes for the colors, but for a mix blend of two or three colors which you see on a webpage, you don’t get the exact pixel code. So with the tools like Just Color Picker, pointing on the location, can get you the color code perfectly.

Just Color Picker is a free color code finder tool that is very much helpful and must have for designers. It’s a free tool, so once you’ve installed in your system, point the mouse pointer to any color pixel in a page, it shows the color code for them. Also along with the color codes, it displays HTML code, RGB, HEX, HSL codes.

You can use the hotkey function to copy the color codes to the pallette. The just color picker also displays the similar and contrasting colors to the selected color pixel.

If you’ve selected some 5 to 6 color list from the webpage, you can save it as txt file and import them into the tool later on. So, very much helpful for website designers and graphic designers. They can easily find out the color codes used on other pages and products.

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