How to Find the Best Freelancers


Millions of businesses are turning to the Internet to work with the best and brightest minds. Hiring employees is extremely expensive and time consuming. Employees also require benefits and have to be paid regardless of the amount of work that they produce.

Freelance Networking Websites

Sorting through millions of freelancers is an extremely time consuming process. Few individuals have the time to search through all of the freelance writers, accountants or graphic designers that they want to hire. Thankfully, there are many freelance networking websites that can be used to ensure that you find the best freelancer for your project. These websites often include reviews as well as examples of projects that the freelancers have worked on in the past.

Portfolio of Work

The best freelancers also have a website that is setup to highlight the best of their work. This portfolio of their work often includes the companies they worked for, projects completed as well as other pertinent information. Finding freelancers who have a portfolio of their work also helps to ensure that you find freelancers who have a commitment to high quality work.

On Time Delivery

One of the most common issues that companies have is hiring freelancers that do not deliver or do not deliver the work on time. On time delivery often varies greatly from freelancer to freelancer. Companies or individuals who want to hire the best freelancers should get phone as well as email information for their freelancers. Anyone hiring freelancers should also make payments in portions. Making a partial payment upfront can act as an incentive for on time delivery from your freelance workers.


Finding freelance workers through referrals from other clients can solve the quest to find the best freelancers. Ask other companies who use freelancers for content creation as well as accounting and web design. There are likely to be hundreds of customers who have a favorite freelancer that they are willing to recommend. Word of mouth marketing is often the best source of new customers for these freelance workers.


The quest to find the best freelancers can often take weeks. However, business owners and individuals who are looking for the best freelancers should not have to spend hours upon hours in their search. They should use freelancer directories and freelancers who have a portfolio of their work. On time delivery and referrals from current clients are also extremely important factors for the best freelancers.

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