How to drive traffic through Twitter?


Twitter is a great social media tool that lets you to easily and freely contact with people without any communication constraints. It is even the outstanding way of getting your site noticed by everyone. To be really successful on the social media Twitter, you should have two important things i.e. content and followers. It is important to have followers because the more people will follow you on Twitter, brighter will be your chances to drive traffic to your site or blog. And the content that you should have needs to be interesting. In case you just fill your Twitter pages with useful details that are not much related to your field, your followers will very soon get bored and ignore even some fresh information added by you.

Do not just advertise

People will not wish to follow you in case you indulge in advertising all the time. This is why it is crucial to give a huge amount of details on Twitter. Show the Twitter users that you are not like other people who just want to advertise and publicize about their sites or blogs.

Post links

Then, you can also drive traffic through Twitter by posting links to the things that you may find funny or to the informative articles related to your niche. In this manner, when you post the links to your site, it will not look as if you are advertising.
It is also not important to post the links that are linked with your particular niche. This way, you will be able to attract the users towards your pages and link and then when you have gained their trust or attention, you can later add links that are related to your site or blog.

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Make chain reaction

Chain reaction is something when a popular Twitter user tweets some tweet of yours or your articles, this will result in the followers of that particular user re-tweeting it and so on. It is in fact like a tree with branches.

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Interest is the word

As with any blog, keeping the interest of users and followers alive is really crucial. Posting once in a month or so will not generate interest and that too when your post will be really short in length. So better have interesting and informative posts that are regularly updated.

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Answer the queries

Questions put up by the Twitter users and followers need to be answered publicly as it highlights your interest and willingness to make bond and be a part of the whole community. Use “@” and write the user’s name to answer the questions.

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So with these ways and tips, you can gain the trust of Twitter users and followers and start posting the links back to your website or blog. But that does not mean that you will stop contributing to social media and post just the links back to your blogs or sites.

In case you have not started making using of Twitter till now, you are not aware of the fact what you are basically missing. Needless to say, Twitter is a great Internet technology that can help you great deal to drive traffic to your blog or site thereby creating great networking suite for you with a number of Twitter followers.

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