How to Create Profile Banners for Facebook account ?


Few months back, we had told you about the Facebook new profile layout design which adds the tagged photos below your name. So when ever your friends tag you on photo albums, those photos will be displayed below your name in your facebook profile view. After some time, people have found a hack where you can design your facebook profile page. We have also collected some cool profile page designs and listed it on our blog. If you want to check out, then here it is – 10 cool facebook profile page designs. Below is a sample of the profile design hack.

As we had promised, now here is a simple tool that lets you to design your facebook profile like the above ones. It has a collection of images grouped into different categories such as animals, feelings, love, auto, food, flowers, sports and many more. So just select the image, allow the application to access your facebook profile and that’s it. It simple adds a photo gallery in your account, tags them in a way that it designs your facebook profile page. is the original creator of the profile banners for your facebook. Get free facebook banners for your facebook profile. They keep on adding new profile banners for facebook daily. Make your own facebook banner and upload your banner to your facebook page and share facebook banners with friends. Its very easy to do.

As I have already told in the above lines, You can select any of the large collection of images, or you can upload one by yourself and it tags them perfectly for you. Below picture will help you on how to process this. Once you’ve selected the image and click the ‘Add banner’ button, it simply redirects to the Facebook and will ask permission to access your account.

It doesn’t steal or access any of your personal information. The application just adds an photo album to your account and tags them automatically in way it looks pleasing on your facebook profile.

MyTopBanners – Free Facebook Profile banners

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  1. sunny says:

    thats really awesum……!

  2. sunny says:

    thats really awesum…..!

  3. Maan says:

    Really nice, :-)

  4. cool idea to have such banners, but if friends tag photos then the banner will be lost… again we have to re arrange…

  5. Thanks For Giving Us Such Wonderful Information Regarding Facebook Banners. For Those Who Enjoy Statuses On Facebook, We’re Just Trying To Make New Banners And You Can Also Get Latest Banners From Facebook Banners.

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