How to become a Successful Blogger and Earn Money from Writing


If you’re wondering how you could become a successful blogger and earn money from writing, you don’t have to look far. The key is to be strategic and to know what qualities readers look for to continue to visit blogs. It’s important that you prepare yourself to invest a significant amount of time maintaining and updating your blog, because after all, a successful blog doesn’t generally happen overnight.As we all know, whenever new money is involved, so too is the inevitable tax man wanting his cut. However, adding blog revenue to your current efiling routine isn’t difficult at all. Begin with determining what type of blog you want to have, and what content you will include.

Be consistent about updating your blog :

This is the single best way that you could ensure a steady stream of regular visitors to your site. Internet users have a short attention span, and there are so many other websites available in virtually any topic, and so you have to keep your visitors coming back by rising up to their expectations that there will always be something fresh for them every day.

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Make your blog meaningful and relevant :

Use tools such as Google Trends to determine the topics that users are keying in at search engines. Then, create an insightful article about these topics. Make sure that you publish only original content and that you make it as well-researched as possible. There’s simply no shortcut to making your blog popular other than to ensure that your content is well-written.

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Create a keyword-rich article :

Another way to ensure that your article comes up in article searches is through making your article rich in keywords, particularly at the first paragraph. Do be careful to avoid overdoing it, however, because your article might be marked as spam and might not appear through search engine searches.

Contribute articles to popular websites :

Search for websites that are open to article submissions, and try submitting your article there. In your article, provide a link to your own website. This is one of the best ways for internet users to become aware about your website, and for you to establish a reputation for expertise on the particular area that you wrote about.

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Determine your target audience :

Knowing who you want to reach out to will help you focus your efforts towards catering to their specific interests. Some factors you could plan for include the following: the age group and gender of your target population, the socioeconomic status, their profession and their interests. You could hinge your target demographic on your own particular area of expertise and interest. After all, your goal should be to provide new knowledge to your readers.

Advertise your website wherever you can :

Leave your insights on online public forums, providing a link at the end of your comments. If your comments are remarkable enough, you might be able to generate interest among readers and entice them to jump over to your website.

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Provide video tutorials or other services :

Another great way of encouraging reader’s interest is to provide video how-to tutorials, or tools that will provide service to your visitors. If your website is about health and fitness, for example, you might want to design a tool for calculating one’s caloric intake for the day. You might also want to provide a way for your visitors to leave their comments and opinions on your website, and make sure that you follow up so they will feel that you value their insights.

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