Hide Facebook Questions Polls From your Facebook News Feed


I have been irritated too much past few days with this Facebook question polls thing. Recently I just tweeted my frustration on twitter and immediately found to the surprise that many have starting Retweeting it. So, thanks for my friend @amit_banerjee who tweeted me about this excellent chrome extension that hides all the Facebook questions from the news feed and removes a big clutter.

I’m never against this Facebook new feature of Questions poll, but dear Facebook, you should understand that not everyone will like all your features. People like me get pissed off soon. You should have atleast kept an option by default to hide all the Questions polls from my news feed similar to what you have provided for other third party applications.

Alright ! Here is the extensions for Google chrome that helps you to hide all the Facebook questions completely from your news feed removing a huge clutter. Simple, just install the extension, refresh the facebook and you can start using it.

Download Hide Facebook Questions [Chrome Extensions]

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  1. wow…Really its A Nice GC Extension ,Im Gonna To use it in………

  2. Amit says:

    Firefox users can try this awesome add-on called FB Purity which hides Facebook questions in Firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/fb-purity-cleans-up-facebook/

  3. Musthafa says:

    Nice article bro.. I have seen you query in Google Adsense Help regarding your adsense problem, It is nice to see the Google Adsense back on your site. All the best!

  4. AshleyPearson.Net says:

    This is a very useful extension. Thanks!

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