Group Private Photo Sharing easy with PhotoCollect


If you’re back from the vacation with your friends, then collecting the photos which you’ve taken on the trip is little tough task, because you might be bugging all your friends to send the vacation photos as an email to you. Gathering all the photos at one place is easily done with this tiny app named Photo Collect. Giving your friends a free, simple and quick way to contribute to albums is easily done with PhotoCollect with lot of customizable privacy options.

With Photocollect you can easily collect all the pictures in one place, and have all the participants upload their own pictures to a common place, so all can share. All photos are backup up to seperate geographical locations and everyone you have invited to your album can contribute with their own photos.

This app is good for contest related to photography etc. It would work like a charm, open an account, invite all the contestants and let them submit all the photos, you can sit back and relax. At the same time, you can never miss the new updates, if your friend has updated some photos, then you get an email that you’re friends have uploaded new pictures.

If you only want to use photocollect as a service for collecting your photos it will be free. If you want us to backup and store the photos on their servers, they charge you $35/year and for this you get unlimited storage. For free accounts also the storage is unlimited, but you can only have three albums stored online at the same time.

It works in a simple way :

1. Easily upload all of your photos from your camera with a single click

2. Invite your friends you want to see the photos from facebook or by email

3. Everyone you invite can upload their photos to complete the album

Collaborative Photo Sharing :

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  1. Nice tool to work with , thanks…

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