Google labs Talk Guru Robot, Get Cricket Scores, Weather Updates, Definition with Google Talk bot


Google labs experimental feature has launched a new Google talk robot named ‘Talk Guru’ that answer simple web queries from the context of the user on Google talk or Gmail Chat. It is very simple to get work with this Google talk Guru robot. All you need to do is, just add this Talk guru robot mail address to your Gmail chat or Google talk. Similar to how you would invite your friends to Google talk or Gmail chat, same like that you need to put the Talk guru robot address and invite him. Once you’re done with that, just enter your queries in the chat box and he revert backs to you with the answers.

Already we had told you about this similar kind of Google talk robots which are developed by many third party developers for various events such as getting cricket scores, searching wikipedia, getting the weather forecasts etc. You want more ? Check out these collection of 20+ Google talk robots

Google Talk Guru is an Application intended for chat (IM) users, including users using chat clients on low-end phones, allowing them to answer simple web queries from the context of their chat application. First invite to chat, and then send queries via your chat client. Categories supported include weather, translation, unit and currency conversions, and sports scores. Send “help” for more information.

You can check out the below commands for working more with Google talk guru robot :

I have tried few commands and it worked out like a charm. Don’t forget, you need to give your commands inside the single quotes like ‘d ‘ here term means any word which you need the definition for. Suppose, if you’re looking for the definition of blogging, then you need to give it with single quotes ‘d blogging’ . Check the below demo picture which I tried out.

Do you know ? You can use Gtalk from Google Chrome address bar. Check out the Gtalk Extension for Chrome

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