Find how much time you spend on Facebook Internet with Facebook Runner


When browsing Internet or the popular social networking site Facebook, you may never know how the time flies off, Facebook is considered one of the best time killer and exam spoiler. Now coming back to the topic, have you ever noted down how much time you spend before the computer on the internet or facebook ? If you could find it out, then that would be a real shock. Because, people around the world spend too much of their internet time on Facebook.

We have already told you about the TimeTracker extension that lets you to find out how much time you surf on the internet using Firefox browser. Once you tweak, it gives you the exact time spend working and surfing seperately. Similar to it, today we have found out another extension for Chrome, that calculates the time spent on Facebook and Internet.

Facebook Runner is a simple extension that calculates time spend on Internet. It displays how much time you spend on Facebook and Internet. Below are the list of features that Facebook Runner offers :

Displays and saves how much time you spend on Facebook and Internet.
Can be integrated to your Facebook page.
Saves timer values for continuing after browser restart.
Several timer resetting options: Daily, Every 7 days, Every 30 days, On startup, Never and Manually.
Details page for viewing statistics.
Timer view format can be shortened.

Download Facebook Runner [Chrome Extension]

Similar Extension for Firefox : Time Tracker

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  1. nice GC extension.. If I Use This For My FB Acc The Runner Result Will Be More Than half A Day

  2. smith says:

    interesting extension for sure i will give a try

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