Filter Links on Your Facebook Feed and View them Without Noise using LinkNotify


Normally in twitter, People follow tweeps who have similar interest, Same way they add people on Facebook with similar interests. If you’re a blogger, webmaster or technology enthusiast, then you may be adding friends who similar taste like yours and therefore they would be sharing interesting links, their blog posts on their Facebook profile. So, When you’re using your Facebook profile, your Facebook feed will be mixed with both content links as well as status updates, photos and videos.

By default, Facebook has options to separate links, photos, videos shared by your friends on your Facebook feed. But If they are using some Facebook app such as Networked blogs, RSS Feed to share their blog post links on Facebook, they might not get separated. Also When you have more friends, you may miss majority of links which are shared some time back. To overcome all this, there is an excellent web app named Link Notify that helps you to catch up exclusively with the links shared by your friends on Facebook.

LinkNotify is a free service that lets you see links your friends share on Facebook, without all of the noise that surrounds them in your actual Facebook feed. You can view the links in a list format with via your Facebook friend name hyperlinked with profile URL.

Facebook is for friends, and LinkNotify is for content, but content that comes from your friends and the sources you like. All the links are presented in the clean format without any ads or noise. You can just grab the information quickly.

It also separates the links into three tabs. All Facebook links, Links from your friends alone and Links from the pages you have liked. Suppose, if you’ve liked News Website Facebook pages, then you can just grab them alone using the Pages links tab.

It also adds, Facebook/twitter share beside every link. This helps you to quickly share on twitter or Facebook profile right inside the LinkNotify interface.

Once you’ve authorized your Facebook profile with LinkNotify, then it grabs all the links from your Facebook feed, arranges them in a manner that is easy to read and perfectly helpful and usable service.

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