Facebook Skin Download : Customize Facebook Profile Pages with Background Layout using Facefetti


You can easily add or change background image for your Facebook profile pages with browser extensions. The default Facebook layout doesn’t allow you to customize your background image like myspace where you can add background images, profile skins to your social profiles. Unlike myspace, Facebook doesn’t allow you to customize your profile. So with the third party extensions, you can add free Facebook skin to your Facebook profile pages.

Already we had told you about the Pagerage, an app that lets you to place graphic layouts right on top of their existing profile. Also we had discussed about Beautify Facebook Chrome addon that can beautify your Facebook Profile, add Facebook background image, transparent Facebook theme and make it damn sexy.

Facefetti lets you to customize your Facebook page with beautiful backgrounds and everyone will fall in love with your Facebook experience. It has lot of beautiful High Resolution backgrounds that makes your friends drool over your Facebook profile.

Once you’ve installed the Facefetti extension, a small icon will appear on the top bar of your Facebook profile where you can find home, account settings etc. Next to it, the Facefetti icon appears, click that and select choose profile skin. A small inner window opens with various categories of Facebook skins to choose from.

All the background skins are categorized into various categories such as animals, cars, cartoons, countries, flowers, food, tech and many more. Just select the theme, click done. You will enjoy the facebooking with beautiful background layout.

Download Facefetti Facebook layout extension

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  1. smith says:

    learned something new info from your post thanks a lot

  2. Leila says:

    How do i uninstall facfetti it seems to keep messin up my computer!

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