Facebook Addon Lets Users Add Emoticons to Facebook Chats


As Facebook is becoming part of almost everyone’s internet experience, a new add-in for the social network chat feature lets users add a little something to their chat messages. Emoinstaller is a handy little freeware add-in for the Facebook chat feature that lets you insert emoticons into text messages. Between the hundreds and hundreds of emoticons, and how easy it is to use, Emoinstaller is well worth the few minutes it takes to download and install, and users will enjoy the various themes, styles, and animated smileys Emoinstaller adds to the Facebook chat experience.

Emoinstaller is the latest contribution from Athena IT Limited, who is offering the Facebook plugin as freeware on their website. To Athena IT’s credit, the Emoinstaller download is free of bloatware or malware, and it works on the Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox browsers. Installation is easy and takes only a few minutes, and the Facebook add-in automatically integrates into the chat window without the user having to do any additional formatting.

Once you open a chat window, the chat emoticons from Emoinstaller are accessed by simply clicking the Emoticon icon (known as Emo the Monkey) that resides in the lower-left corner of the chat window. Once you click Emo, a menu pops up with emoticons categorized by size and theme. Each theme comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

The small size emoticons have all of the facebook smileys you would expect, plus a few new ones that will guarantee a smile or two from your Facebook friends. Small size themes include: Words, Animals, Mnemic Best, Sport, Faces, Music, Chit-Chat, Cyclops, Objects and War. Special emoticons are also found for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Although most of the Smileys in the small size are static gif’s, a number of animated Smileys are also available.

Themes included in the Medium and Large size categories include: School, Summer, Orange (original Smiley types), Family, Animals, War, Gangsters, Teenagers, Easter, Smooth, Love, Life, Sports, Football, Emoticons (fully animated), Bad Boys, and Bad Girls. There are also animated emoticons for Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. The Medium and Large size emoticons are animated and will dance across the chat window as you talk with your Facebook friends.

The range of facebook emoticons is incredible, and in addition to the traditional Smileys users will enjoy the more creative emoticons that are available. (The AK-47 is one nice touch.) The only issue with Emoinstaller is that for it to work your friends also have to add-in installed on their computers. This has more to do with the coding in Facebook than the Emoinstaller itself, but it is slightly annoying.

With Facebook being the most popular destination for many people using social networking sites, the Emoinstaller is a worthwhile add-in that makes sending Facebook Smileys to your friends within the chat program a better experience. Athena IT Limited has done a good job of including not only the traditional Smileys you would expect, but also a number of animated versions that should get you a smile or two from your Facebook friends. The program is simply to get, install, and use; the three things you want from an excellent Facebook app.

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