Extragram : View Favorite Instagram Photos on the Web


Instagram is one of the popular iPhone app that lets you to snap photos from your iPhone and share them with the online world. What makes so special about Instagram is that, they provide some amazing filters to the photos. It has an in-built photo filters that lets you to apply different types of filters to your images. So, all the Instagram photos from around the world can be best viewed in the web through a online app named ‘Extragram’

Extragram is a web client of the popular photo sharing iPhone app Instagram. Extragram is Instagram at its best!. It is a great service to extend your Instagram experience to the web. The utter simplicity is the key to Extragram. All you need to do is, just sign in with your Instagram account and once you’ve logged in, you will be able to see popular photos, photos of friends from your network and also Like, comment and share photos across social networks.

Extragram can display Instagram photos in a Grid view, Filmstrip view and Map view. It also gives you a better interface to view your photos, like them and also comment. Extragram allows you to search users and hashtags and view the stream.

Extragram Instagram at its best !

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