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Previously we had told about websites to read ebooks for free and also reviewed few free tools that lets you read ebooks on Windows, iPhone and Android devices. Here is the best android ebook readers, Blio Windows ebook reader and Megareader iPhone app with heads up display. So adding to the list of online ebook reading sites, here is one more to the list named OnRead.

We have already told you about this onRead facebook app that lets you to read ebooks inside facebook. eBooks are equivalent of a conventional printed book, with the rising technological features, students and people will forget the physical printed books and carry every text books on their electronic devices. There are many devices specially to read ebook such as Kindle and most of the mobile phones with ebook reading support. is a free ebook library that has the best books ever. It provides free ebook download, you can read ebooks online and write your own review to any book. All the books are presented in high quality with a unique file format .umf which contains your choosen book in choosen format.

Downloading the ebooks from is very simple, You may download it in two ways: by clicking the link with the name of the book or by cutting and pasting the URL given for the download. Before downloading the ebook, you need to choose the right format to support your devices. If you’re going to read the ebook in your iPod, iPhone, android or blackberry devices then you’d better choose an .pdb, .epub, .txt, isilo.pdb format.

5 Sites to read ebooks online for free

Reading the books directly online is the best solution in my opinion. Onread has the best user interface and download doesn’t seem to work perfectly. So just go, search the book, read it online.

OnRead – Read eBooks online

eBook readers for Windows, Android and iPhone

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