Create YouTube Video Slideshows with B00mbox


Just stumbled upon this innovative app for creative interactive YouTube lessons or making YouTube video slideshows easier. You can quickly create SlideShows made of YouTube videos and collaborate with your friends. Let’s take this scenario, you and your friends together creating a set of video playlists using the YouTube videos. You need to make them as a slideshow with real time ollaboration.

We have already discussed a online tool for real time collaboration, but it can deal only with texts and not videos. So similar to the real time collaboration of text, where you and your contributors can add videos and finally make them as YouTube slideshows. It gives you a unique URL to share with others, so that the other people can view a set of videos as playlists or slideshow.

Some of the quotes from B00mbox ” What do my friends think are the funniest videos on YouTube ” so you can create a slideshow of funny YouTube videos using real time collaboration. Some of the best ideas to use B00mbox is to create a set of Worst song of the year or Best makeup videos on Youtube. So now you have an idea of how B00mbox works.

B00mbox is a innovative app powered by SlideBombs to create youtube video slideshows. You can create a set of video collections and turn them into a real time collaboration with friends. B00mbox is a place where YouTube playlists are made together.

You can easily start with hitting Go B00mbox button on the homepage, No signup or login is required. Simply hit the b00mbox button, answer three questions , the question you put to your friends, a small description and instructions to your friends or contributors on how to add the videos to b00mbox.

Now you start adding YouTube videos and also the page provides a link to your contributors where you can send the unique b00mbox link so that your friends/contributors can add YouTube videos. The questions and instructions are also displayed at the top of the page.

Now once they completed, you can embed or share the B00mbox YouTube slideshow to friends and other people. While the videos are being added, it will show you how many videos are added to the slideshow. Once everything is over, you can view your b00mbox and start playing the videos in slideshow format. You can view other B00mbox creation at this link.

B00mbox – YouTube video slideshows

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