Call Facebook friends for Free Without their Phone Numbers with KipCall


To ping your facebook friend you have various options such as leaving them a facebook message, post to their facebook wall, ping on facebook chat, Facebook mail them and at last you can find their phone numbers on their profile info and call them. Now you don’t need their phone numbers to call your facebook friends. All you need is just an application named KipCall – that lets you to call your facebook friends without their phone numbers.

KipCall is an iPhone application that lets you call your Facebook friends in one click. You don’t need to have phone numbers anymore, just to have friends on Facebook. And of course, you can decide who can and who can’t call you with KipCall and your number is kept secret. It works all the time, no WIFI or 3G required.

First you need to download the KipCall iPhone app to your device and register your phone number. Same thing has to be done on your friends iPhone too. So now you both have the KipCall iPhone app on your iPhone device. Now you can able to call or text chat with them, post on their Facebook wall or send them a message via email. It will also display any friends around you within a 0.6 mile radius.

You can also block or organize friends by age, relationship status and gender. Another great feature of this iPhone app is that, you don’t require a WiFi or 3G connection. A major drawback is that, fair usage policy that limits users to 20 minutes of (outgoing) calling per day but there’s no limit for incoming.

Downlod KipCall iPhone app – Call Facebook Friends for Free

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