Are You Getting The Bandwidth You Deserve?


If your website loads slowly, you can be sure your users will look for similar content on other sites, costing you much business. Your site might also be ranked low by search engines. Check your website speed today, to see if you are getting the bandwidth you deserve.

Find Out How Your Website Bandwidth Is Being Used

Your webhosting package comprises of disk space and bandwidth. Your website’s bandwidth allows your website to transfer web pages from your web server to browsers around the world that access your site. When your website is accessed simultaneously by multiple users, your bandwidth consumption is high and as a result, web page loading will slow down. Your bandwidth usage also depends on how many pages your site has, how many heavy graphics, scripts and other elements your site uses that can take time to load. Since both bandwidth and disk space cost money, people tend to buy only as much as they think they need.

Data is carried around the web through optic fibers, cables, and copper wires and so on that have a finite load capacity. This means that there are limits to the amount of data that can be transferred at any point in time. Likewise, the size of your web server’s hard drive is limited by its physical size.

Check Your Bandwidth Usage Online

Check your site’s bandwidth using an online bandwidth speed test. Try tools such as and among others to check website speed and load time through multiple data centers worldwide. In minutes, you’ll know how much your site takes to load in each part of the world. With, you can actually get a descriptive analysis of your site loading time and tips to improve it. You can obtain metrics such as the following to evaluate how much bandwidth you’re getting from your web hosting services.

  • Web page speed report
  • Global report
  • The number of objects in your website that are contributing to slow load time
  • External file dependency calculation
  • Loading times in different internet speed connections.
  • Analysis and recommendations to fix issues and make your site load faster

You can also search for other free or paid internet bandwidth and speed testing tools and use them.

Manage Your bandwidth using Net balancer

Are You Getting The Bandwidth You Deserve?

If you find that your bandwidth usage is less than what you signed up for, it’s likely your web hosting company is not giving you the bandwidth you deserve. Check if your webhost support responds to your concerns and fixes your bandwidth grievance. If not, do a quick search on Google for the phrase “webhost-name sucks” test to find out if other site owners are facing similar issues. Ignore silly complaints and pay attention to serious ones. If you find that other site owners have bandwidth issues with the same webhost, you know you’re not getting the bandwidth you deserve. It might be time to look for a different web hosting company.

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