5 Websites To Download Free Joomla Templates


Similar to WordPress Content management system, Joomla is also a free and open source content management system which can be used on websites, blogs to publish contents to World wide web. Like WordPress, Joomla is also written on PHP framework and stores in MYSQL database. Thousands of people all over the world use it for creating numerous websites. Due to its flexibility and convenience, Joomla can be used for creating any sort of website: from a simple blog and up to a full blown e-commerce store.

One of the most handy features of Joomla CMS is ability to change skins. Just like any other content management system Joomla has its own set of tempates. You can find out more about Joomla here. Alright, now coming to Free Joomla templates, here are the best 5 websites to download free joomla templates.

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Joomla24 is the best place for joomla templates. It has a monster collection of themes for Joomla. It offer more than 3100 Templates with live preview for Joomla.


Joomla2u.net has impressive collection of premium Joomla template and free joomla templates. It has joomla themes for all categories right from christmas, cars, photography, portfolios, color based templates etc. It has 500+ free joomla templates.


Themebase is One of the best Joomla templates collection which are worth downloading. It has joomla templates for the three versions such as Joomla 1.6.x, Joomla 1.5.x and Joomla 1.0.x.


Themebot has Wide collections with live preview for each and every theme.


Themeza has aesthetically-pleasing templates for Joomla CMS. It has Joomla templates for various versions along with different categories. Also it features templates for other CMS such as WordPress, Drupal etc.

On the next post, Expect the best places to download WordPress Templates. Huge list is on the way !

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  1. tobi says:

    Lernvid.com is German but they are great templates

  2. Joomla is an open source content management system (CMS) which enables us to make website and other web application for the enhancement of ecommerce business throughout. Its user-friendly quality and extensibility has made it only choice among users. Joomla is a web solution software which is secure, free and of high quality.

  3. ragunath says:

    You should have to add http://www.boygj.com as no.1,, it receives million direct visitors every month,, great source

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