5 Simple Ways To Supercharge Your Affiliate Marketing Conversions


You might have heard about affiliate marketing but you’re not really sure how it all works. The best way to describe affiliate marketing is that you’re acting as a middleman between a customer and a merchant trying to sell a particular product(s) online. If you connect the two of them through your website and the customer buys a product from the merchant’s website you in turn are paid a commission on the sale. What is great is you do not have to handle any administrative or logistical tasks.

The main problem most people have with affiliate marketing when they get started is the lack of results. There is a small fortune waiting for you online but if you’re not following a plan then you’re going nowhere fast.

Here are 5 sure-fire tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Tweak Your Conversion Rates

Your conversion rate is how often you turn a visitor into a paying customer. So for example if you had 100 visitors to your site each day and you make 1 sale each day you have a conversion rate of 1%. By the way 1% isn’t a conversation rate you want to aim for – more is always better when you’re talking conversion rates.

So how can you optimize the conversion rates for affiliate programs featured on your site? The first thing to look at is site usability and navigation. If your site is impossible to use then visitors aren’t going to stick around long enough to make a purchase. Your content also needs to be engaging and keep the visitor interested until they find the link or banner to buy whatever your affiliate program is promoting. And don’t forget to check for any broken links – search engines and visitors hate them.

Lastly you need to test, tweak and test again. Don’t just fill your site with affiliate banners. Test contextual links versus banners for 30 days. See which converts better and then roll that out for the rest of your site. Simple isn’t it?

Do You Have A Call To Action

So you’ve created lots of lovely keyword rich content, you have engaging images, videos and mp3s on your site as well. It all looks great but here’s one thing the vast majority of affiliate marketers forget – a call to action. In other words you need to “ask for the sale”.

Now you might not even be selling anything but if you’re looking for subscribers for your mailing list make sure you point them towards the sign up form with a “Subscribe now” or “Reserve your copy now” link or button.

If you don’t have a clear call to action on your site then the visitor will probably read your excellent content, maybe bookmark your site and then leave. That’s a wasted opportunity and it occurs on thousands of sites each day.

PPC Landing Pages

If you’re using PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising then it’s critical to make sure that your landing page speaks directly to your customers needs. If they’ve clicked on a PPC ad for a free guide to selling their home and then land on a page that’s just about home renovations in general, your conversion rate is going to be less than acceptable.

Setting up these custom landings pages does take more time but it will improve your conversion rate and your overall Google quality score. It’s certainly worth the effort.

Sell Brand Names

You’re going to find it a lot easier to sell a brand that people know and trust than a generic brand that’s new to the market. The generic brand is probably just as good as the name brand but perception is reality for shoppers and they’ll stick to what they know. If the product you’re promoting has received any awards or has been featured in online or offline media then make sure that you let the visitor know this. You don’t need to link to the awards page – just a screenshot of the award itself beside the product is enough.

Protect Their Privacy

Because identity theft and spam is such a huge problem, people visiting your website will be looking for signs that your site is secure. That combined with how professional your site looks and feels is going to make a big difference to how your visitors react and how willing they’re going to be to make that final purchase on your site. Having a very clear and prominent privacy policy is now an absolute must for any website.

None of these tips suggest that you need to reinvent the affiliate marketing wheel but nevertheless they are pertinent to your success as an affiliate marketer. Pay close attention to what’s been shared here – your bank balance will certainly enjoy the added activity.

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  1. You have clearly laid out the salient points in affiliate marketing.
    I wonder why you have left out the social marketing and forum aspects of affiliate marketing which can greatly contribute to conversion.
    I don’t think privacy policy is important for better conversion. None reads the privacy policy. Only CPA application approvals require that your site contains a privacy policy.

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