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The open souce operating system Linux distributions include great software by default, but there’s still killer Linux applications you can download to enhance your Linux experience. Here we suggest you the 4 best linux applications that one can try out for more productiveness and user experience. The main applications which we use day to day on our computer machines are email client, web browser for surfing internet, instant messaging software to chat with friends and family and media players for listening music files and watching videos. So considering this major 4 applications, here are some suggestions for the best ubuntu experience.

Email :

When you take Email client for Linux Ubuntu, the Evolution is included as default in Ubuntu. To get more user experience and better productivity, we suggests you to go for Mozilla Thunderbird. Many people find it difficult to set up Evolution and configure email account running on IMAP server, so Mozilla thunderbrid is the best solution and alternative to Evolution email client.

When talking about both, Thunderbird has rss. Evolution has calender intergration. Thunderbird also has calendar integration if you use the calendar extension. It also supports html signatures, Evolution doesn’t. Also thunderbird is much much faster than Evolution.

To remove Evolution package:
#sudo apt-get remove evolution

To Install Mozilla Thunderbird
#sudo apt-get install mozilla-thunderbird

Web Browser :

Firefox is the default browser in Ubuntu. But as a Chrome enthusiast, I always and strongly suggest you to use Google chrome what ever may be the operating system you’re using. Google chrome is one of the best and fastest loading browser. It loads faster, it grows faster. Lot of options, customizations, cloud sync and many more.

Instant Messaging :

Instant messengers are used to chat with friends and family. When taking recent survey on instant messegners, most of the people use Windows Live messenger, Yahoo messegner, Gtalk etc. All these 3 top instant messegners are native client and we have also other third party instant messegner clients that can connect all these email accounts into one tool that lets you to chat with your friends easily.

Pandion , Mobile Instant Messengers

Empathy is a default instant messaging client included in Ubuntu. Empathy is an instant messaging client which supports text, voice, video, file transfers, and inter-application communication over various IM protocols. But we strongly recommend, Emesene.

Emesene is a MSN Messenger client for Linux system. Its a very simple but nice software for Ubuntu. Emesene is currently usable, stable and natively built for Linux system. You can download and install Emesene from here

Media Players :

Rhythmbox is GNOME’s default music player. Inspired by Apple’s iTunes, it is simple to use and meets most users’ needs. Rhythmbox includes such features as playlist support, iPod integration, podcast playback, and support for streaming audio.

We strongly recommend, Banshee. Banshee is the best media player for linux ubuntu. It can play your music and videos. Stay entertained and up to date with podcasts and video podcasts. Sync your Android, iPod, and other device. Queue up songs, videos, and podcasts, or let the Auto DJ take over.

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  1. Rishi says:

    I use all the applications you mentioned above except the music player. Never knew of the Banshee. Tried it, looks amazing! :D

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