YouTube Creator Institute, Helping YouTube Content Creators to Improve their Skills


YouTube has launched a new initiative named ” YouTube Creator Institute ” where it helps to nurture these content creators, existing YouTube partners, and the next generation of stellar YouTube talent with the skills they need to thrive online and offline. Partnered with the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts and Columbia College Chicago’s Television Department, YouTube has launched this program.

The YouTube Creator Institute is a summer crash course in camerawork, storytelling, promotion, and new media skills, taught at the world’s top schools by industry leaders. From filmmakers to talk show hosts, music video artists to wildlife exhibitionists, the YouTube Creator Institute can help advance creators’ video careers. Open to all content creators, including YouTube partners.

To apply to the YouTube Creator Institute applicants will need to submit a 2 minute video displaying creativity, originality, and technical skills. Also 2 short free response questions: Why do you want to attend the YouTube Creator Institute and how does it fit into your long-term goals? (400 words) and Describe the most emotional moment of your life. (600 words).

More details on YouTube blog

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