Watch Multipart Youtube Videos Continously Without Ads


Let’s take this situation for example : A YouTube user has uploaded a full length video into multiple parts and named the video title as abc part 1, abc part 2, abc part 3 and so on. You have landed up on the first part 1 video and when you want to watch out for the part 2 and other continous series, you cannot be searching for the particular user profile list on his total video uploads because he might have uploaded more number of videos and finally you may waste your time. So to watch these kind of multipart videos on YouTube without any hassle and without ads, a simple chrome extension does the job perfectly.

MultiPartTube extension for Chrome lets you to watch straight multipart YouTube videos without any interruptions. You can easily watch automatically multipart Youtube Videos from the beginning to the end. There is no more searching for the following parts of the video.

Once you’ve simply installed the extension, then when ever you visit a video which has multiple parts, a simple link will be shown below the video saying “Play all (4) videos” (the number 4 here is just used for an example). So while you click the link, it redirects you to a multiparttube page where it streams all the multipart videos as a playlist. If you don’t like any of the part, you can use the skip button.

Download MultiPartTube [Chrome Extension]

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