Organize Daily Tasks by Priority List with ToodleDo


Always putting down your to-do list and managing them will make you more productive at work. On the past, we had told you about desktop based simple to-do list app and also online to-do list web app. Now adding to the online to-do app, Tooledo is a simple app that allows you to manage your daily task.

TooleDo is a simple web application that allows you to organize tasks by priority lists, favorites and lot of other functions and customization to suit your needs. You can star, prioritize, hot list, and las lot of features. Toodledo analyzes your due-dates, priorities, time estimates, last modified dates, and other characteristics to determine the best use of your time. If you have 2 hours free, Toodledo can pick the tasks from your list that will be the most effective usage of your time.

Toodledo allows you to privately share your to-do list with other members. If you enable public sharing, anyone will be able to read your to-do list at the specific url. Toodledo allows you to upload a 5GB of files for safe keeping and easy access.

You can also keep general notes organized by folder. You can use it to keep track of reference material or other data that doesn’t belong in your to-do list.


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