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Manga is a japanese word which means consists of comics or cartoon characters. There are many online manga comic books to download and reading those comic books is a many problem. Usually these comic books download in Cbr file formats and Cbz file extensions. If you’re wondering how to open these file extensions and read comics, then we have already covered a tool named CDisplayEx that lets you to read file formats such as cbz, cbr etc.

The application CDisplayEx which we reviewed earlier is based on the CDisplay app. Similarly, the QManga app which we are going to see today is also based on the CDisplay app. QManga is nothing but a simple free app that allows you to read manga comics.

Features of QManga :

  • Reads images within ZIPs and RARs without extraction
  • Support for ZIPs within ZIPs
  • Unicode support
  • A visual ‘Go-to image” dialog
  • Can add whole folders (including subdirectories)
  • automatically sort loaded files in alphabetical order
  • automatically reload the last opened files when QManga is opened.
  • Fit to window width image sizing option
  • Option to change background colour
  • Dual page viewing and Japanese reading mode
  • Remembers last opened files
  • Next/previous folder navigation (skips to the next loaded subdirectory or archive)

Download QManga | Homepage

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