Multiple Login in Skype with MultiSkype launcher


Ever wanted to run multiple skype accounts on one computer ? With the help of MultiSkype Launcher, you can manage two or more skype accounts on one computer. Suppose, if you want to open your office skype account and family skype account, then with this tiny utility, you can make it possible.

MultiSkype Launcher is a simple free utility that lets you to run multiple skype accounts simultaneously on a same computer. It’s very simple to use with the easy interface, once you’ve installed the Multiskype launcher, just click on the add button to add your skype accounts. Before Installing, make sure you’ve Microsoft .Net framework latest version. If you’re using Windows 7 or vista, then you might have already. Other OS versions, can install it from here

When you click ‘Add’, Enter details of first Skype account (Skype ID and password). Tick “Auto login” check box if you want to launch this Skype account each time your computer starts. Follow the same process for adding multiple skype accounts.

Now Multi Skype Launcher lists all Skype accounts that will be launched simultaneously each time your computer starts. In case you want to launch any account manually just select it and press “Launch” button.

Download MultiSkype Launcher

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