Make money with Images by Inserting Adsense within Images with Pixazza


Pixazza is one of the best web services that helps web publishers to monetize with the images. It turns the static images into engaging content. If you’re a web master, blogger who uses Google adsense to monetize the web pages, then Pixazza hopes to do for images what Google’s AdSense did for web pages. Simply insert adsense with in images and make money with them.

Let me give you an overall outlook view of Pixazza, as told above, pixazza allows publishers to add ads with in images and lets them to monetize. It offers a way for publishers to place relevant advertisements within the image. These unobtrusive display ads are activated upon mouse-over of the image. The ads can be placed on 0-100% of all images that are not tagged with products. Image ads are an excellent way for publishers to earn incremental revenue without any additional time investment.

All you need to do is, just apply for a publisher account and add a line of javascript to your web pages. Pixazza supports over 50+ advertising platform such as Amazon, BlueFly, eLuxury, Macy’s, Shopbop, and Zappos and many more. Other FAQ here

Before applying for a publisher account, do read the publisher page of Pixazza to get more information, click here to read.

As it supports lot of advertising platforms such as amazon and many other product website, Pixazza allows you to tag images with products link. It provides expert tagging, self tagging of images. Expert tagging means, suppose if an image in your web page contains Microwave Ovens, then you can tag them with amazon product page. So when ever people move hover the product on the image, it will pop up with the advertising link.

Pixazza will work great for high-traffic, image-rich sites make the most of their images by transforming static pictures into interactive and actionable content. Check out the Self tagging and Expert Tagging from Pixazza

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  1. I have seen lots of blogs which using this tool and really i would like to use too! Thanks to suggesting.

  2. Naren dran says:

    today only i got 15$ payout in pixaza network….

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