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LinkedIn, a social networking tool where like-minded professionals join in and look out for opportunities to discuss various issues. It helps you to discover lot of connections in your professional background and LinkedIn acts as a Professional Portfolio and helps in Jobs interviews for many. Some time back, we had told you about how Employees hire using Social media tools such as LinkedIn and also how one can search for Jobs using LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides an awesome platform for professionals who’re seeking for networking with people. Now enough of explaining about LinkedIn. The LinkedIn has introduced a new social news product named ” LinkedIn Today

LinkedIn is a social news product designed to let users see the top news in the fields they are interested in, as shared by those in said fields. Based on your LinkedIn connections, the LinkedIn today will display all the top headlines and news shared by the people with whom you’re connected.

So instead of looking into blog posts, tweets and newsletters, you can simply browse the LinkedIn Today before you start with your workday. LinkedIn Today – Cutting through all the clutter.

The three basic points :

1. What your connections and coworkers – people you know – are sharing

2. What your industry peers are sharing ( Internet Today )

3. What stories are interesting to a wider audience, outside of your industry

Check out the video below to get more understanding about LinkedIn Today :

LinkedIn today is just another where people get information based on their connections.

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