How to Video chat in Facebook ?


Yet another interesting trick for y’all, you can do a video chat with your Facebook friends provided both the parties has installed a beautiful extension named ‘Social Plus‘. We had already told you about Social Plus a while back. But again, it’s worth mentioning it here. Let me quickly give a brief

Social Plus is an excellent extension for Google chrome, Firefox and Safari that allows you to beautify your Facebook profile by adding skins, background images, emoticons, colorful status updates, DISLIKE button and many more. Also it supports
keyboard navigation, album slideshow and when ever you dislike a status update, it automatically adds “I dislike!” text on the comment box, so that you can just dislike and hit the enter button to post the comment.

Also one of the beautiful feature from Social Plus is that, it supports Video chat in Facebook that lets you to do video chat with your Facebook friends through Facebook chat messenger. On a simple condition that, other person with whom you’re going to video chat must also have an Social plus extension installed in their Chrome/Firefox or Safari browser.

Once you’ve installed the Social plus extension, just refresh your Facebook tab, hit the Facebook chat window, select any of you friend to chat. You now will see the options such as Video chat conversation, launching game pad, more emoticons etc.

Download Social Plus [ Chrome / Firefox / Safari ]

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