How to Make a video with photos and sound effects online ?


Back from vacation with lot of images and waiting to upload them online and share with you friends ? We have already covered an useful website named Yogile where it allows group sharing photos for free. If you want to go a step ahead and make some excellent video by adding photos and sound mixing, then you need to look at this app called Flixtime.

Flixtime is a simple app that allows you to add your pictures, sound effects and create them into videos. You can add you photos, you can upload your own mp3 songs or even select from the huge collection of sound mixes. Add your text title, description to the videos. Also you can choose the video effects such as heart flying, crackers busting and several other amazing effects. Finally once you’re done, start rendering the video.

Check out the sample video which I created using flixtime by adding some random wallpapers from my computer and sound effects from flixtime. On a personal note, they have some amazing sounds mixes on various categories. You must check out.

Flixtime is an simple app and has easy user interface that even a 10 year kid can create videos by adding some photos and sound effects. Check out Flixtime.

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    Awesome video

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