How to choose a secured web hosting service


Many of them might be new who are reading this article and yes, you have come to the right place. If you are new to this world then to choose a secured web hosting one has to comply with all the conditions stated below.

Latest Version Deployment

Make sure that your host provider continuously updates with the latest software at both network as well as the server levels so that it gets immune to the attacks which will in turn help you to further strengthen and secure the network with all sorts of new attacks and threats.

Availability of Integrity Checker

With the help of file integrity checker which is easily available for the Linux OS such as Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment AIDE you can easily be notified about the changes made in the site files with the help of a tool called audit trail as any time a skilled hacker can easily break into the site and can make changes without your permission, so it’s very important to get notified about the every change which is made in the site.

Secured FTP

Always prefer not to use the FTP and that to specially when FTP has full access to the hosting account as FTP is basically an unencrypted protocol which means that whole data which is sent via FTP including the crucial details like username and password are sent in the form of plain text over the internet which can be easily detected with the sniffer softwares like Wireshark as they can capture the data which has account login information. So, it is always preferred to use protocols like SCP or SFTP which exactly works in the same manner but all data is encrypted in this with public key encryption which makes impossible to capture your login information.

Proper Log Maintenance

Always ensure that the log is reviewed carefully which includes the server logs, including access logs, traffic logs, and the file integrity checker logs as if you see any suspicious thing on your server then you can deal with it accordingly. If your host uses a layer 7 firewall such as mod_security, you should also ask them for the entries in the modsec_audit.log for your domain. This will allow you to monitor any hacking attempts and take the necessary steps to permanently block the attacker before they get in any.

Additional Domain

Now, ensure that the domain are kept secret through the add on domain as for this what you can do is you can buy one hosting account and then host and manage multiple domains using one primary username and password. Not only do you have to check every connected domain for malware or modified files, you also have to try to identify which domain the attacker broke in through and then take steps to secure each domain. So, this becomes simpler plus easier for securing and keeping the secure network, provided you keep your reseller password private and secret.

Password Changing Options and Security Plugins

Last but not the least ensure that always ensure that you change the password regularly, ideally you should always change the passwords of FTP/SSH accounts once at least in a month. If you use the same password for everything and someone gets your email password, you suddenly have a much greater security issue. It’s very easy to get in if the passwords are known, so this is the most important thing which you should do to protect your web hosting account. Ensure that proper security plugins are provided in your web host.

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