Hide files inside images with Firesteg Firefox addon


Ever wanted to send some secret files to your friend ? there are two ways by which you can do it. You can encrypt the file and send to the person, remember, they can always decrypt it. The second method is, hiding files inside images and sending to the other person, so that no one can find out whether there is a file hidden in it. Normally humans tend to have a habit of eagery finding out the secret information that is shared. If you use the first method of encryption, then it is clearly known that you’re sending some secret information, but if you use the second method of hiding files inside images, there won’t come any doubt of covert informaiton shared.

Now how to hide files inside images ? Firesteg is a simple Firefox addon that lets you to hide files inside images and send them to anyone. It’s basically a steganography sidebar extension, letting you hide files inside images for covert sharing.

Features of Firesteg :

  • Hides multiple files across multiple images.
  • Remembers the file names of whatever you hide.
  • Automatically uses the lowest significant bit that space allows.
  • Quickly adds images from websites via context menu.
  • Encrypts all files and file names with a password before hiding them.

Download FireSteg Firefox Addon

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