Google Person Finder Helps to Find, Track Missing People in Japan Earthquake and Tsunami


After the disaster outcome of 8.9-magnitude earthquake that struck Japan with the huge 30ft Tsunami waves getting in to cities, Google has launched a Japanese-language Person Finder tool to help victims and families locate one another. Google has been helping a lot at times of natural disaster by the technological power it has. Recently it had also setup the similar kind of Personal finder tool to Christchurch, Chile, Haiti and many other large quake struck.

The Google Person Finder for Japan earthquake helps people to find or track about a missing person or provide information to the interested people. Currently it is tracking about 7200 records and more. Once the quake hit the Japan, with in few mins Google tweeted about this Personal finder tool for Japanese people.

If you’re looking for some missing people or has an information to share about missing people, then head over to Google Personal Finder tool for Japan Earthquake.

You can also check out the Aftermath of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan [Image Slideshow] from NYtimes.

More slideshow of images, click this link to view.

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  1. Sunny C. says:

    I am searching for a Dear Friend of mine and I can not find out anything about her. I am worried that she may be hurt. I am unable to contact her!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
    Can someone PLEASE help me. Her name is: Yuki Kakuha Her address is: Hyogo-ken Nishinomiya-city Koufuen3-15-21 zipcode 662-0832 Japan

  2. Well this is the biggest terrific news i have heard. Feeling Sad.

  3. miyu says:

    help me find this person Yutaka Koizume

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