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Yesterday We had told you about the Automatic Coupon Finder extension for chrome that does the job of finding coupon codes automatically when you’re shopping online ultimately saving your few bucks. So this one is similar to the Automatic Coupon Finder, but here we have to manually enter the shopping store name and find out the coupons.

Coupon Code Finder extension for Google chrome helps you to find Coupon Codes for more than 1000 online stores at You can find coupons and coupon codes very easily. When you shop online all you have to do is to click on the Coupon Codes Finder icon near address bar in your Google chrome browser and type in the store name you’re looking coupons for. Hit the search button, and that’s it! A new tab will open showing you coupons and special offers for the specified store.

Download Coupon Code Finder [Chrome Extension]

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