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Recently Gmail had a bug which deletes Emails for more than 150,000 users and reported by the pc world. So it is better to take backup of your Gmail account completely offline or online which ever you prefer instead of losing emails due to some bugs. On the past, we had discussed about the top best online backup services to take backup of your social accounts, such as backup twitter account, facebook account etc.

Gmail Backup Tool is a simple free utility that lets you back up your entire Gmail account including all attachments to a local folder on your computer. This Gmail backup tool allows you to save your Gmail emails for offline use.

All you need to do is very simple, simply download the tool, install it. Enter your Gmail login details, specify a destination folder, set the inclusive dates of the back up and it’ll start downloading emails offline. You can also restore it back online.

Download Gmail Backup Tool

Backup Gmail Online with Backupify

We have already reviewed backupify, you can check out its advantages here. It lets you to archive all your online accounts like Gmail, Twitter, Google Docs, Flickr, Facebook, Basecamp, WordPress, Delicious, Photobucket, Blogger, FriendFeed and more services.


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  1. mashhood says:

    This is something interesting…i have been forwarding my mails to other accounts for backup…. i’ll for sure try this….

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