Free Avast Mac OS X Antivirus Rolling Out Soon


When comparing to Windows, Mac OS X is little safe from malware attacks and virus threats. But, yes there are malware torjan attacks recently on Mac OS X platforms and Mac browser, safari. And also malware distributed as .dmg installation packages. It is slowly taking off. ” says Avast chief technology officer at an interview.

Also added, the CTO of Avast said that ” With in few weeks, a product from Avast for Mac OS X platform is expected to release on a beta (AVAST Software is rolling out an antivirus specifically targeting the Mac) and its free with real-time protection ”

Free Antivirus Avast for Mac OS X will go as an HTTP proxy independent of the browser. It scans all scripts, all iframes and all binaries that get downloaded and is able to stop all malicious sites, including the already blacklisted ones.

Therefore, it should keep the mac users safe. The program will also detect Windows malware, so that Mac users don’t pass on anything to their PC buddies.

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